The following norms apply to the third Illas Atlánticas Triple Crown open water swimming contest that will take place from the Ons Island to Combarro (Poio), covering 23 km. They may be subject to changes since they are made public until the date of the contest.  Should any doubt arise over the interpretation of this regulation, the view and decision of  the organization will prevail. All registered participants fully accept  this  regulation and the sanitary protocol.



The departure of the participants to the Ons Island will take place on Saturday 4 September at 06:30 from the Combarro Port. The boat will leave at 07:00. Participants may leave on the ship a bag they will be given the previous day with their tournament ID number to bring some of their belongings. There will also be a cloakroom service at the point of departure in Combarro in case the swimmers want to leave a second bag.

Both bags will be  returned at the arrival at the Chousa Square, in Combarro.

The departure of the contest will take place from the beach of Area dos Cans in the   Ons Island.



The organizers will establish first groups depending on the timings of the participants. When registering, participants will submit the time they need to swim 3,000 metres at an open water swimming contest rhythm.

The list of participants in each group will be made. The list of groups will be sent by email and will be available on the official web site of the competition. If a participant wants to change the group he/she has been allocated, he/she must communicate this to the organization a month before the date of the competition. No changes will be possible after that date.

No group changes are allowed during the contest.

The minimum timing to participate in this contest is 3,000 metres in 60 minutes. Swimmers that fail to accomplish this will not be admitted.

Groups will be made up of a maximum of 30 people.  No more than 30 swimmers will be admitted in each group. Participants who wish to switch to a group that has already been completed must wait until there is a vacancy in that group in order to do so, otherwise they will have to adapt to the group in which they are registered.

The division of groups will be established in accordance with the following swimming times:                                                                           

Pace at 3,000m

Group A                                                                      32-39m

Group B                                                                     40-44m

Group C                                                                    45m-49m

Group D                                                                    50m-54m

Group E                                                                    55m-60m

These times are approximate and may vary depending on the groups that are formed.


Proof of having completed a 12 km swim

When registering, the swimmer must certify his/her participation in at least one competition of a minimum of 12,000 metres or more in the last four years. They must specify the contest, distance, year and time.



Swimmers will have the possibility of getting provisions six times during the contest, in the 4, 8, 12, 16, 20 and the Finish area. There will be support ships specifically marked that will provide fruit, gels, energetic drinks and food and water. They will also provide hot beverages, anti-seasickness drugs, vaseline and spare goggles. Provisioning stops are not compulsory.

Up to kilometre 12 (inclusive), refreshment stations will be compulsory. Refreshment times until this point will be a maximum of 5 minutes. Refreshments at kilometres 16 and 20 will not be compulsory, but swimmers must stop to make the compulsory control.

Provisioning will be provided by the organization and no other provisioning will be allowed. Only provisioning dispensed from the organization’s boats will be allowed.

At each refreshment station, swimmers will depart as a group until kilometre 12 (inclusive) and they will not be allowed to depart until the whole group has arrived.  At kilometre 12, swimmers in each group must group together again and from this point onwards, they will be given free reign. Swimmers who do not group together will be disqualified.



Swimmers will go together until kilometre 12. From there, each swimmer will be able to mark his/her personal rhythm without having to follow the rhythm of the group. This point will coincide with the third provisioning of food and beverages. At kilometre 12, swimmers in each group must group together again and from this point onwards, they will be given free reign. Swimmers who do not group together will be disqualified.

Participants who jeopardise the pace of the group, by pulling ahead or arriving late at the refreshment stations, will be disqualified after receiving two warnings.


Minimum time and ending of the contest

 For the safety of all the participants, there will be a minimum time in kilometre 16. All swimmers must have crossed the bridge 6 hours after their departure from Ons Island. If they fail to do this, they will be taken to the safety boats and transported to the shore.

The maximum time for the entire contest will be of 09:00 hours. Depending on the condition of the sea, the minimum time may be changed by the organization. After this time has elapsed, the organisation shall withdraw participants who have not completed the heat and will take them back to land.



 There will be first mandatory controls throughout the contest for every swimmer. They will be located at 4, 8, 12, 16 and 20 kilometres and they will also be the provisioning stops. In these points, every swimmers must tell the volunteers carrying out these checks the number on their caps. The swimmers that fail to go through the controls will disqualified.


Safety on the sea

The organization will deploy a safety network on the sea coordinated by the Head  of Safety and the Manager  of the contest that will be in permanent contact with the Harbour Master’s Office in Vigo.

Those collaborating include Civil Protection and the different town halls from the Pontevedra estuary, Fishermen associations, Yacht Clubs, Marín Port Authority, association of traditional ships and canoeing and rowing clubs.

Safety boats will  only be those designed as such by the organization. No other boat or ship will be allowed to individually accompany  a particular swimmer.


Electronic chips

The timing will be electronic. The chip will be delivered by the organization at the meeting that will take place on September the 3st in the Monastery of San Juan in Poio. Swimmers must return the chip when completing  the competition. If they fail to  return it, they will be charged the cost of the chip (5 euros).


Leading kayaks

Leading kayaks will mark the pace of each group until kilometre 12. From this point onwards, each swimmer will be able to mark his/her own swimming pace.  Swimmers will not be able to overtake the leading kayak until kilometre 12, whereby they may be disqualified if they do so.


Safety buoys

Safety buoys are not compulsory but optional. Swimmers interested in buying or renting a safety buoy can do so by  contacting with the organization.


Right of admission

Right of admission is recognized under the article 59.1.e of the Executive Order 2816/1982, August 27th., by which it is approved the Regulation of the Police Recreational Activities and Performances, extending the range of application to all kind of public facilities, regardless of it public or private ownership. The Organization reserves this right to admission and the possibility to cancel the registration of any participant when they consider it appropriate.


Swimmer disqualification

The safety team may remove swimmers from the contest when they consider that their physical condition has deteriorated enough to risk their health and safety showing signs of confusion, hypothermia or they  repeatedly fail to pass through the control points within the timing limits placing contestants at risk.



The results can be consulted live and exclusively on the website



-Obtaining help from any type of vessel or auxiliary device.

-When the organisation deems that a participant is placing his/her physical safety at risk, whereby he/she must drop out of the swim.

-Swimmers who fail to stop at the compulsory control points.

-Participants who jeopardise the pace of the group, by pulling ahead or arriving late at the refreshment stations, will be disqualified after receiving two warnings.

-Swimmers who show unsporting behaviour or who fail to follow the organisation’s rules.

-Any other circumstance unforeseen in this regulation, which the organisation deems to be grounds for disqualification.


Volunteers and kayaks

Volunteers in kayaks will follow the swimmers group allocated by the organization. Those interested in becoming volunteers should send an email to, with their first and last name, phone number, email and T-shirt size. The organization will provide them with provisions, shirts, whistles and car park close to the departure dock.


Cancellation of the contest

The organization reserves the right  to suspend, neutralize or stop  the contest for safety reasons, due to force majeure or by orders of the maritime authority and/or adverse weather conditions. In this case, swimmers will not be reimbursed their registration costs and the  costs of the participants will not be covered. The amount will only be refunded in case of having to suspend the crossing for causes caused by COVID-19.

If weather conditions make the contest impossible as originally envisaged, there will be two alternative routes departing from Portonovo or Combarro.


The Regulation may be modified or corrected by the organization to guarantee an optimum running of the competition and for health reasons due to COVID-19.

The registration involves that the swimmer agrees with this Regulation and the Sanitary Protocol.