All participants must follow the regulations and sign the following declaration and send it by mail to or produce it yourself or represented by another person in the day of the technical meeting on September.


  1. Organization: The 28 km long competition Isla de Sálvora-Vilagarcía is organized by Atlantic Extrem Sports, in cooperation with the club Tumetapersonal and will take place on 2 September 2017


  1. Health and fitness
  2. a) I discharge the organization of any physical or material damage caused by me before, during and after the competition, including the training sessions.


  1. b) I declare that I do not suffer of any disease that prevents me from participating in this competition.


  1. c) I declare that I am physically fit and that I have trained enough for the competitionand I have also conductedthe relevant medical examinations to certify my health condition.


  1. d) I authorize the organization to provide me with medical treatment in case of injury/accident or sickness during the competition.


  1. e) The organizers will guarantee the safety of the participants during the competition including, if necessary, first aid though safety boats that will be available to provide help and assistance to participants and an ambulance in land.


  1. Competition


  1. a) The organizers have the right to admit or not admit any participant in the competition.


  1. b) If the weather conditions are adverse or for security reasons, the organizers reserve the right to cancel the competition.


  1. Use of participant data


  1. a) I allow the use of my name and image in all the media certified by the organization or in any other media related with the competition.


  1. b) In accordance with Law 15/1999, 13 December, on personal data protection, we inform participants that your participation in the competition involves your consent to incorporate the data provided to the automatic file for the organizers . The purpose of this file is processing these date to manage the competition.


  1. c) Photographs of the participants will be taken during the event. Swimmers expressly authorize this by signing this document. The pictures may be used for the promotion of the competition in the media, the competition web page, posters or leaflets.


  1. For minors (under 18)

The father/mother or tutor declare, with their signature, that the minor is in good condition to participate in the competition in accordance with its regulations.



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