Information of interest


The organization will provide a cloakroom service for all swimmers. At the dock in Vilagarcía de Arousa where we will board the ship that will take us to Sálvora there will be a vehicle where the swimmers may leave a bag with their belongings before departure. At the Sálvora Island the swimmers may also deposit a second bag in a boat that will be at the shore in the Almacén beach (volunteers will coordinate the reception of the bags). Both bags will be identified with the number provided by the organization at the technical meeting that will take place on Friday September 1st.  Bags will be returned at the arrival at the Compostela beach.

Discounts on airplanes with Iberia

Any swimmers and their relatives who would like to take advantage of the discount offered by the airline Iberia in their flights, please proceed as described below:

1- Visit

2- Fill in the first screen with the destination and date.

3- Fill in the second screen to select schedules and prices

4- In the third screen there will be a box to fill in with a promotional code. Please type TRIPLECORONA17 (in capitals and all together). This discount is 10% on the total amount and will be applicable in the five days before and after the date of the competition.

The travel time from Vigo and Santiago de Compostela airports to Vilagarcía de Arousa is 40 minutes (57 km) and 50 minutes (65 km) respectively, using the AP-9 highway.

For information about renting a car at Santiago de Compostela airport, please visit:

For information about renting a car at Vigo airport, please visit:

Showers and toilets

Showers and toilets will be located in the Municipal Auditorium of Vilagarcía de Arousa (Avenida de Mariña, s/n), 10 minutes walk from the Compostela beach.

Free parking next to the boarding area

There will be a free parking area available to swimmers located 400 metres from the boarding point at Vilagarcía de Arousa passenger dock.